Can Tidying Really Change Your Life?

Why Keeping Only the Clothes that “Spark Joy” Is Magical “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has revolutionized my thinking about decluttering and spurred me to action in a way that, for once, doesn’t feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Marie Kondo tells us to ask one question when deciding what to keep: “Does it spark joy?” and I’ve been asking this while going through my entire wardrobe. Here’s why I think it’s the best decluttering question ever. You’ll be surrounded only by what you love. It seems obvious, but take [...]
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200 Things to Throw Away Today

Being organised isn’t about perfection, it’s about finding what you need when you need it. How much space are these “things” taking up at your house? Go through the list and be ruthless. You won’t regret it. 1. Old product boxes (Appliances, TV, Video Games etc.) 2. Hangers from the dry cleaners 3. Plastic hangers that came with clothes packaging 4. Expired make up 5. Half-finished projects…you know the ones! 6. Magazines 7. Old emery boards (buy a nice glass one and be done with those scratchy things!) 8. Old paint, check your Coun [...]
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Sell It or Get Rid of It? 5 questions to ask yourself when de-cluttering

  Will the item be worth my time to sell? Remember that your time is worth something – it is not limitless and you want to use it wisely. Take into account how much money you will actually be making from your sale vs. how much time will be involved. I always like to think of it in terms of an hourly rate. For example, if I am trying to sell the item for $5 and it will take approximately 30 minutes of my time in total {including taking photos, listing the item, emails with potential buyers, etc.}, I will be working at a rate of $10 per ho [...]
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Welcome to Spring Perth! Over the winter months, we tend to keep everything closed, keeping the warmth in. We start to collect a few extra things, including a few extra layers of dust and cobwebs, as well as, well you know, miscellaneous “items”. Otherwise known as clutter. As the sun streams in through the windows, you may literally see your home in a different light. Before beginning a spring clean it’s always smart to begin with a de-clutter. We recommend the four box method: Throw away, Give away, Keep, or Relocate. Be ruthless. Throw [...]
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Pet Hair a Problem?

Removing animal hair from sofas, carpets and stairs can be very frustrating; especially when your pet is molting The best way to collect and remove the hair from the furniture is to use rubber gloves. Put them on and wipe your hand across the hair. The pet hair will then begin to clump together and form bundles in places. This makes it easier for you to pick the hair up in bunches and put in the bin. [...]
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